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What's the Nozzle Type Vacuum and Gas Flushing Packaging Machine?
It is a new concept of vacuum packing machine using a nozzle to suck air directly out of the bag so that it overcomes many shortcomings of the chamber type vacuum packing machine.(Refer to Chamber type vs Nozzle type)
1. A method to suck air out of the bag
     • Fast work speed
     • Little restricted from the size of products (possible to vacuum and gas flushing packing up to 200Liter with AZV-Series)
     • Vacuum packing for contents with high temperature (impossible with chamber type vacuum packing)
     • In vacuum packing, no product damage caused by an instant discrepancy in pressure

2. Multi-functions
     • Sealing, vacuum packing, vacuum and gas flushing.

3. Free adjustment for vacuum degree and gas
     • Vacuum packing at low vacuum possible(3kpa at lowest)
     • Gas flushing and substitution for the purpose of packing (impossible with chamber type vacuum packing)

4. Neat and tidy packing shape
      • In vacuum packing, products can be arranged freely

5. Various option
      • Various vacuum pumps can be applied according to products (pneumatic pump, oilless pump and oil pump)
Nozzle Type Vacuum and Gas Flushing Packaging Process
The basic structure of AIRZERO vacuum Packaging machine
It is the smallest-sized nozzle type vacuum packing machine using a pneumatic method, and of a patented structure allowing safety system.

1. Vacuum using pneumatic method
     • Its mechanical power to operate a maching is so high that the sealing bars can be extended
       longer, compared to a vacuum packing maching using a electrical motor
     • When the nozzle moves forward, the last speed is controlled to go down for safety

2. The safety device being equippd
     • When foreign materials such as fingers are inserted into sealing bars, the upper sealing
       bar automaticallu moves up.

3. ISO9001 & CE certificated


Function and Use of each button of control unit

    This button is to select whether you control vacuum procedure by time or
    by vacuum degree
. ( T and V appear at the lower-left side of LCD

V : Vacuum Degree (Kpa) of vacuuming
    The machine is operated by the preset vacuum degree.
    If you select 45, the vacuum works until the vacuum degree for the inside
    of vacuum bag approaches to 45 Kpa and the nozzle
    moves backward after that. Therefore, it is not related to vacuuming time.


T : Time of vacuuming
    The machine is operated by the preset time for vacuuming. When you select 25, the vacuum works for 2.5 second and the
    nozzle moves backward after that.

    This button decides the type of work among the following process.
    (1) Sealing
    (2) Vacuum → Sealing
    (3) Gas flushing → Sealing
    (4) Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing
    (5) Gas flushing → Vacuum → Sealing
    (6) Vacuum → Gas flushing → Vacuum → Sealing
    (7) Gas flushing → Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing
    (8) Vacuum →Gas flushing → Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing

    This button decides target time or target degree of each process the user wants to get. With each pressing of TIME
    button, the turns are changed one by one from VACUUM1, VACUUM2, GAS1, GAS2, and SEALING to COOLING. Then,
    for each of  them, you can adjust time or vacuum degree by UP and DOWN button.
    ( If V is set by using VAC / TIME button, the value  below VACUUM1and VACUUM2 means vacuum degree )

    Increase / Decrease time / vacuum degree for each selected process.

    This is the Stop button. If you press the button, the machine comes back to the original state. So, the nozzle moves
    backward and the sealing bar moves up.

Properties of AZ-Series products
The fumction of gas flushing and gas substitution are included in the basic function
Fuses for circuit protection are attached
Pneumatic utility (air regulator with filitering function) is attached to maximize work efficiency
Control box Detachable(easy for after-sale service)
The best quality caster is attached for easy moving and fixing
In case of using a thick film to pack, upper and lower double hot wires are attachable
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